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AntWorks Tunnel Vision

A captivating “as long as you want to make it” version of Antworks! Unique AntDocks are located in upper & lower portions of Antworks Tunnel Vision, allowing you to connect another Tunnel Vision unit! Here you’ll have the capacity to grow your Antfarm to super lengths, adding another Antworks Tunnel Vision piece whenever you anticipate your ants (and you!) are ready for a wider view! Get a clear, extended 3-D view. Watch ants explore, discover & develop new territory, and interact as they incorporating new sections of Tunnel Vision tunneling gel.

Enable your ants to create a complex transportation system that is very impressive! Just pop the TunnelVision tubes in the AntDocks on Tunnel Vision ports and your six-legged friends are ready to start expanding their ant-empire! AntWorks TunnelVision comes with unbreakable, translucent tubes – specially designed to provide an optimal view of traveling ants. (TunnelVision Tubes and AntDocks connections available ONLY with TunnelVision product. Other Antworks products cannot connect with ports to Antworks Tunnel Vision.)

Please Note: This item includes one habitat with ports for connecting to additional Tunnel Vision Habitats. The image for the AntWorks Tunnel Vision shows four individual Tunnel Vision Units joined together. Connecting individual Tunnel Vision units allows ants to travel from one Tunnel Vision to the next. Illuminated Antworks and the Original Antworks products do not have capabilities of connecting with Antworks Tunnel Vision. AntWorks Illuminatior available as Blue LED base accessory

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Antworks Illuminated Combination Ant Farm

Antworks Habitat Ant Farm with the illuminator included! Educational and Fun! AntWorks is based on a 2003 NASA Space Shuttle experiment to study animal life in space and test how ants successfully tunnel in microgravity. The AntWorks Gel is complete with nutrients to promote healthy growth in the new colony. Watch ants live, work and tunnel in the nutritious and non-toxic gel as they create series upon series of intricate tunnels. Easy to care for – Ants need NO food or water

PRODUCT INCLUDES: Magnifying Glass, Ant Catching / Tunnel Starter Tool, Instruction Booklet with Interesting Facts About Ants Includes Habitat and Illuminator.